Termes et conditions

At ClinMedica we deal with our customers with total honesty and transparency, by ffering hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries in Istanbul-turkey Being licensed by Turkish ministry of health due to the ministry’s trust in us Therefore; we always take care to gain our customers trust worldwide. So we advise our customers to read our privacy and policies that define our rights and obligations So as to ensure your rights and avoid any misunderstanding that may occur


1st clause:

Service request and booking confirmation:

When you contact us, our medical consultants will explain all medical services, knowing that they are trained and skilled to deliver all the medical information clearly and accurately through direct contact with the doctor. Your medical coordinator will be the direct link with the doctor. They are always ready to provide advice and information throughout the hour and in different languages. Our medical coordinator not only provides medical consultations but also arranges everything including hotel booking, transportations and translation services upon your arrival. When you agree on the medical service and ensure the client’s health and blood test the reservation on the day of the operation must be done by sending a copy of the passport And a copy of the flight ticket, note that the hotel, the operating room and the driver will be booked for you and confirmation will be sent to you via WhatsApp or email.


2st clause:

Methods of payment for medical services:

No fees will be paid before your arrival at our clinic. The full amount of the transaction will be paid the next day of your arrival, whether the operation is next day or any other day, upon payment of the full amount agreed upon, you will receive a stamped invoice signed by the ClinMedica administration, and payment will be exclusively at the clinic office. Cash payment method: When you pay cash the costs of the procedure, only in this case doesn’t entail you extra fees. Cards (Visa – Master ) payment method : When you pay the cost of the procedure through the card you will be charged additional amounts as follows: 18% state tax plus 3% Bank tax total equals 21% taxes will be added to the amount of medical service.


3st clause:

Cancellation of medical service and reservations:

Each of : Hotel, transportation, Medical team, Doctor, operation room and translator are already reserved in advance. Therefore; For cancelling the operation the following conditions must be agreed on: -In case of the patient decide to cancel the operation, the half of the cost must be paid, with the right of using the hotel and transportation; -In case the patient want to complete the operation within three months the other half of the amount should be improvised in addition to the hotel accommodation and transportation.


4st clause:

Provide Visa facilities:

In addition to its services, ClinMedica provides the paperwork needed to obtain a visa for people who have difficulty obtaining it, this is done by providing a medical invitation and hotel reservation to the Turkish embassy in your country. Medical invitations and hotel reservation will be sent via E-mail after payment of the full amount of the transaction through the bank or other remittances. If you do not receive a visa (this is unlikely) ,we first make sure that you didn’t receive the visa from the Turkish embassy in your country All money sent to us will be refunded in the same way within a week and no fees will be deducted.


5st clause:

Transportation & Hotel accommodation:

Upon your arrival at Istanbul Airport, our driver who will be waiting for you upon your departure ( inside the airport ) will transfer you directly to the hotel, which will be booked in your name in advance with the agreed number of nights required for the medical procedure. The driver will be also responsible for transferring you from the hotel to the clinic and vice versa until your medical journey ends and send you back to the airport. NOTE: ( No fees or charges are paid to the driver ) Hotel accommodation: When you arrive at the hotel you will be handed a room, and you must pay 100 dollars USD which you will get back when you leave the hotel if nothing is consumed from the MINI-BAR In case the consumption of anything inside the MINI-BAR found in the room the item’s cost will be deducted and return the rest of the amount (100USD dollars) The prices of the MINI-Bar’s items are listed at the room and it’s not included in the hotel accommodation. The hotel serves breakfast in the in-house restaurant, and when ordering the food to your room you must pay for. NOTE (The breakfast is free) If you decide to extend your stay at the hotel please let us know at least one day in advance, so that we can extend your booking to avoid paying more, since the hotel offers us a special rate and extra nights are placed for us. The hotel offers paid services such as laundry, ironing, etc… These services are paid directly to the hotel by you, otherwise there is no extra charge.


6st clause:

Surgical cosmetic procedure – Non surgical cosmetic procedure:

The procedure takes place at the clinic if it is (Hair transplant – injection – Filler) The procedure takes place at the hospital if it is (liposuction – Rihnoplasty or any other surgical cosmetic procedure) The doctor will begin the necessary tests for the procedure and blood tests before starting any intervention, if there is any malfunction in the blood test the entire process will be cancelled and the third clause applies, because the mistake is from the same person who didn’t tell s before his arrival that he had blood diseases. This will lead to cancellation of the procedure and payment of cancellation dues is mandatory.


7st clause:

Medical follow-up after the procedure:

After the operation, the specialists will follow-up for a whole year, and you are required to send photos to follow-up the evaluation with the specialist doctor. The medical follow-up specialist will be responsible for you, to also be the link with the doctor and provide tips and solutions to avoid any adverse complications, the follow-up specialist will also be available around the clock to answer any question in your mind.


8st clause:


ClinMedica has been offering the highest quality in cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation for many years, because it relies on doctors with very high experience in the fields of cosmetology, because we have confidence in our work, we have obtained the trust and license of the Turkish ministry of health, as a result of our doctors’ high experience over the years we guarantee our customers the best results on the level of cosmetic surgeries in general and hair transplantation in particular, we offer a full money refund guarantee in case that a 95% success rate is not achieved. We are the only ones who offer this guarantee in turkey because of our confidence in our work.


9st clause:  

Responsibility disclaimer:

When you do the procedure at ClinMedica, we will provide you with all the instructions regarding post-operation, here comes your role in implementing all the instructions to get the best results. If these instructions are not implemented, the ClinMedica administration disclaims its responsibility in case the operation fails or relatively unsuccessful. The use of any cosmetic or therapeutic products without reference to us also disclaims our responsibility.


10st clause:

Customer’s privacy:

When you do the procedure at ClinMedica we have to take your full information, such as phone number, e-mail, address etc. … we also have to take full pictures to keep with us until you get the desired results, with full discretion on your privacy and not to publish on social networking sites unless you give us permission, if you do not allow us to publish your photos, we will keep the photos only to monitor your condition. ClinMedica completely maintains your privacy so we do not publish or share phone numbers, e-mails, names or photos with any other customer for any reason.